Sondra Wyman Submits Only Letter Of Interest Received For Vacant School Board Seat

Sondra Wyman/Photo Courtesy LAPS


Longtime Los Alamos resident Sondra Wyman submitted her letter of interest to fill the Los Alamos Public Schools board vacancy in District 5 caused by the recent resignation of School Board member Erin Green. District 5 which includes Mountain Elementary School. 

Mrs. Wyman’s three children attended Los Alamos Public Schools, including Mountain Elementary School. She worked for Los Alamos Public Schools for four years, first as a substitute teacher, then as a special education instructional assistant and then as Los Alamos High School Athletic Secretary before pursuing a career in the procurement  field. She has also held volunteer and employment positions with several non-profit organizations in Los Alamos. 

“My experience as a parent, volunteer, and employee in the Los Alamos Public Schools and in Los  Alamos non-profit organizations demonstrates to the School Board that I am an invested  member of the Los Alamos community, and not simply a resident,” Mrs. Wyman stated in her  letter of interest. “That experience also offers the Los Alamos School Board the opportunity to  add another member to the Board with a compassionate, thoughtful, and well-rounded  perspective.” 

“I would like to participate in the process that guides a safe and excellent education for our  community kids, and that supports our exceptional Los Alamos educators,” she added. 

Mrs. Wyman was the only person to submit a letter of interest. 

The School Board will take action on filling the vacancy during the next meeting on January 10,  2023 starting at 5:30 pm in the School Boardroom.