Sirphey Offers Unique Colonial Tea Collection


This weekend marks the 249th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party! And Atealier by Sirphey has the perfect way to mark the occasion:

“John Hicks was a terrible tax collector. But then, any secret revolutionary would be. The patriarch of a divided home, he snuck our of his house on December 17, 1773 to take part in the Boston Tea Party. When skirmishes broke out in Lexington and Concord and continued into Cambridge, John Hicks again took part, dying the same day. His home was later commandeered by Generals Washington and Putnam during the war. Hicks House still stands in Cambridge, MA. Our Hicks House Collection transports you back to the era of John Hicks, featuring the teas Hicks threw into the Boston Harbor, as well as some eccentric colonial blends that modern society has forgotten.”

Individual tea blends are available at Sirphey-Deacon St, and full collections are available online at