Bull Moose Spotted Near Ski Santa Fe

A moose on the loose near Ski Santa Fe. Photo by Theresa Ronan


New Mexico Department of Game & Fish (NMG&F) has announced that a bull moose was spotted recently near Ski Santa Fe. This is one of the southernmost sightings of a moose in New Mexico.

There have been almost a dozen confirmed sightings of different moose in New Mexico over the past 10 years. This year, in particular, the department has received reports of multiple sightings and vast movements by this large mammal in the north-central portion of the state.

Moose require a cool climate and wetland habitat next to rivers and streams. This type of habitat is more abundant in Colorado where it supports a robust moose population.

Most sightings in New Mexico are younger males emigrating from Colorado in search of new habitat and breeding opportunities. Females have been observed in New Mexico as well, but there are presently no known breeding populations of moose in the state.

Residents are reminded that moose can be dangerous and should not be approached for any reason. If a moose charges you or otherwise shows signs of aggression, run as fast as you can and try to put a boulder, car, tree or other large object between you and it.

An aggressive moose can show signs such as having its ears laid back, licking its snout or having hairs raised on its neck.

The moose spotted near Ski Santa Fe is presently safe and appears healthy. The department continues to monitor the moose and anticipates it will continue to explore New Mexico.

Moose are a protected game animal in the state of New Mexico. New Mexico does not have an open hunting season for moose, and it is unlawful to harvest them in the state.