County: Check The National Broadband Map!


High-speed, high-quality internet service is essential for participation in modern life. The FCC has created a new map showing where high-speed service is – and is not – available across the country. Consumers, state, local and Tribal government entities, and other stakeholders can help verify the accuracy of the data shown on the map by filing challenges. This is very important in New Mexico, because an accurate map will help identify the UNSERVED and UNDERSERVED communities most in need of funding for high-speed internet infrastructure investments. Click to find out more:

Check the National Broadband Map here – – to see what services are available in your area. Consumers can easily dispute, or challenge inaccurate information shown using tools built into the map.

HELP IMPROVE THE MAP by raising awareness in the community! Whether you are a small business owner or a consumer advocate, you can help spread the word about FCC’s new broadband data map. Share, share, share!