LAHS NJROTC Advancements Announced

From left, Cadets Andy McBride, Dylan Vasquez, Aiden Manzanares, Kevin Lacey, Miranda Lopez, Supt. Dr. Jose Delfin, Cadets Emily Baca, Caleb Moss, William Borovina, and Sawyer Tally. Courtesy photo

From left, Cadets William Perry-Jones, Owen Oviedo, Sofia West, Megan Crawford, Topper Freshman Academy principal Mike Johnson, Cadets Rebecca Moss, Hayden Kim, and Amanda Vasquez. Courtesy photo

Cadet Sonya Ayers, far left, LAHS counselor Colby Holland and Cadet Finnian Gerts. Courtesy photo

Public Affairs Officer

Advancement in rank in the Navy depends on the number of vacancies for those ranks, meeting eligibility requirements, passing an advancement exam and a recommendation for advancement by the Commanding Officer or Officer in Charge. NJROTC works in a similar way as cadets are tested on basic military knowledge by taking advancement exams. 

Once a cadet passes a written exam with at least 80% for all junior ranks and 90% for Chief Petty Officer, cadets are challenged with a practical exam. The practical exams range from military skills such as simple drill movements, armed drill movements with rifles and swords, and commanding squadrons of cadets are some examples of what a cadet may encounter for their practical exam. Cadet unit staff officers are required to either pass a knowledge test that is similar to those taken for enlisted advancement or write a report based on books from Topper Company’s leadership library.

The second advancement cycle came with a fun surprise as district administration officials were on hand to pin the new ranks onto the cadets. LAHS counselor Colby Holland, LAHS Athletic Director Ann Stewart, LAHS Assistant Principal Renee Dunwoody, Topper Freshman Academy Mike Johnson, LAHS Principal Carter Payne, and Superintendent Dr. Jose Delfin were all present for the promotion ceremonies.

“There are few lasting memories that signify who we are. The NJROTC promotion ceremony is one of those important milestones,” Dr. Delfin shared, “Adding a new pin and subsequent rank advancement represents earned effort and recognition for quality work well done. Tireless practice, refining routines and achieving new goals redefine new qualities for individual character. Congratulations to all of our NJROTC student leaders. May your new advancements mark parallel promotions in other areas of your life now and in the future. With much pride, go forth and keep making our community proud.”

Please congratulate these cadets for their hard work and dedication! 

C/SA Garrison Siso

C/SA Cameron McDonald

C/SA Colton Hollander

C/SA Andy McBride

C/SA Finnian Gerts

C/SN Levi Alvarez 

C/SN Rianna Martinez

C/SN Ben McBride 

C/SN Maya Snowden

C/SN Sonya Ayers 

C/SN William Perry-Jones

C/SN Isabella Pearson

C/SN Sawyer Tally 

C/SN Landon Arnett

C/SN Cooper Beavers

C/SN Devon Boggs

C/SN Ashton Cody 

C/SN Matthew Haight

C/SN Kaelin Hanson

C/SN Melanie Weekley

C/POl Natalie Crawford

C/PO1 Tyler Chamberlain

C/PO1 Zury Erazo-Rojas

C/PO1 Abigail Allen

C/PO1 William Borovina

C/PO1 Dylan Vasquez

C/PO1 Amanda Vasquez

C/CPO Andrew Galea 

C/CPO Alana Hinajosa

C/CPO Samson O’Sullivan

C/CPO Yuridia Perez

C/CPO Arthur Yoratski

C/CPO Hayden Kim

C/CPO Owen Oviedo

C/CPO Sofia West 

C/CPO Kevin Lacey

C/CPO Aiden Manzanares

C/CPO Caleb Moss 

C/CPO Adam Deherrera

C/LTJG Rebecca Moss

C/LTJG Emily Baca 

C/LTJG Veronica Parra

C/LTJG Miranda Lopez

C/LT Megan Crawford

From left, Cadets Zury Erazo-Rojas, Yuridia Perez, Alana Hinajosa, Ben McBride, Samson O’Sullivan, LAHS principal Carter Payne, Cadets Levi Alvarez, Arthur Yoratski, Tyler Chamberlain, Andrew Galea, and Rianna Martinez. Courtesy photo

Cadet Veronica Parra and LAHS Athletics Director Ann Stewart. Courtesy image

From left, Cadets Kaelin Hanson, Cooper Beavers, Garrison Sison, Matthew Haight, Adam Dehererra, LAHS assistant principal Renee Dunwoody, Cadets Colton Hollander, Landen Arnett, Ashton Cody, Cameron Mcdonald, and Melanie Weekley. Courtesy photo