Leadership Los Alamos Holds Session Focused On Youth Resiliency In Los Alamos County

LLA students read student feedback cards received by local teens. Photo by Kateri Morris

Los Alamos JJAB Resource Specialist, Jamie Allbach, demonstrates the power of resiliency and support. Photo by Kateri Morris

LLA students engage in discussions about the needs of youth in our community. Photo by Kateri Morris

Leadership Los Alamos

Leadership Los Alamos gathered on Friday, November 18 for a session focused on youth resiliency in Los Alamos County. Participants were invited by session co-chairs, George Marsden, Los Alamos Teen Center Director, and Jamie Allbach, Los Alamos JJAB Resource Specialist, to explore community resources like the First Born Program of Los Alamos, the YMCA’s After School Enrichment programs, and the Los Alamos Teen Center. Perhaps even more importantly, attendees were invited to determine ways in which they, as leaders, can foster youth resiliency within their own roles. These discussions were paired with hands-on activities using a variety of mediums, including the class favorite; Play-doh! While the consensus was that there are many challenges facing our youth, there are paths to empowering their perseverance and that it only takes one caring adult to make a significant impact.

Leadership Los Alamos is a non-profit organization whose mission is to identify current and emerging leaders in Los Alamos and surrounding communities, to enhance their leadership skills and deepen their knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing the community. Each class learns about a variety of topics like community organizations, cultural and history, youth, education, local government, economic development, and environmental issues. For more information go to: Leadership Los Alamos – An educational organization dedicated to the future of Los Alamos