Wolf & Mermaid Enchanted Cafe Appreciates Support, Encouragement And Assistance From Community

Wolf and Mermaid Enchanted Cafe

At this time of the year families take a small pause to consider the blessings they have and how thankful they are for the many joys they experience in their lives.  This year, our family is extremely thankful to have been welcomed into the community of Los Alamos as a new small business.  Wolf and Mermaid Enchanted Roasters has been welcomed to be a member of your family with a warmth we could not have imagined.  

From day one, at a cold morning at the Farmer’s Market, we have received nothing but support.  From Cindy Talamantes at the Farmers Market, to Ryn Herrmann and Sam McRae at the Chamber of Commerce, Jacquelyn Connolly at Los Alamos Main Street, Lauren McDaniel at LACDC, to Sobia Sayeda and Dan Ungerleider at the County Economic Development office, we have received nothing but support and encouragement.  And, most importantly, we are thankful for the many customers who enjoyed our single origin, fresh roasted coffee and stopped to chat and encourage us as we worked in a tent to provide a warm drink and a bright spot in their day.

We are thrilled to have participated in the Los Alamos Business Accelerator program and to have been selected for the Phase 2 “popup.”  With massive support from the LACDC programs, we will be serving coffee and smiles at 181 Central Park Square until the end of the year.  The other Phase 2 business, Los Alamos Golf and Games, will have video golf, old school arcade games and board game terminals.  Together, we hope to create a space for fun, relaxation, conversation, and escape.

The accelerator program is unlike anything we have ever experienced.  There are many Towns, and Chambers of Commerce, and elected officials, and government workers who say a lot about small businesses- but then do nothing.  Los Alamos is not such a place.  The support, encouragement, and assistance we have received is overwhelming.  

We hope that we can continue to do right by Los Alamos – serving warm drinks, warm smiles, and delicious baked goods in an Enchanted Café- first as a popup- and then as a permanent establishment.  Thank you so much- we are thrilled to be a part of your community.