‘Physician, Heal Yourself’

Weeds on Canyon Drive median between the Aquatic Center and Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church. Photo by Wayne Hardie

Los Alamos

Regarding Los Alamos County’s discussion of updating the Nuisance Code, which addresses weeds, refuse and rubbish, etc., I am reminded of Luke 4:23: “Physician, heal yourself”.

Here is what the current Weeds Ordinance says:

From the Los Alamos County Code of Ordinances Sec. 18-42. – Weeds, brush piles, refuse and rubbish:

All premises and exterior property shall be maintained free from weeds or plant growth in excess of 18 inches. Weeds shall be defined as all grasses, annual plants and vegetation, other than trees or shrubs provided; however, this term shall not include cultivated flowers and gardens.

I am pretty sure that Los Alamos County is violating its own Weeds Ordinance. So I don’t have much confidence that it will enforce a new, improved one.