No Meeting Doesn’t Mean No Transportation News

Los Alamos Transportation Board

Though the Transportation Board had no meeting, quite a bit happened this month. Sherwood has finally reopened, and certainly everyone knows the Canyon Road project essentially done. Both projects caused more traffic difficulty than expected for various reasons.

Some might have been predicted, but I have to admit I did not realize that the Trinity road diet would reduce the capacity to soak up people turning left from Diamond, just for one example. Other problems were just bad luck: practically just as the Sherwood work was ending a county truck sprung a massive hydraulic fluid leak, compromising the new surface. Sometimes we just can’t get a break. Other times, that’s exactly what we get with water or sewer lines.

Of course you’ve noticed work has begun on the SR4/Truck Route intersection. While the plan is to avoid making backups worse during the construction, that will not always be possible — so it’s best to pay attention to what’s going on and maybe leave extra time if you absolutely have to be somewhere on a schedule. Other issues may come up also, such as the current use of part of the parking area at the “Y” to store materials.

As always, if you have transportation issues that need to be addressed, you can send email to or to directly. We do have one vacancy on the board with an interesting year coming up. If you’d like to be part of it, you can apply at Navigate to the bottom and click on Transportation Board, where you will find an “Apply” link.