County: Don’t Fall For Phone Scams


If you receive a call from someone saying they need to collect a utility payment from you right away, make sure it’s a legitimate call!

“We’ve been made aware that someone is calling our customers and asking them to pay right away using Zelle or by dropping payment at a bank,” said Deputy Utility Manager Heather Garcia. “The person who alerted us to this scam was smart enough to realize it wasn’t a DPU employee and didn’t pay, but the caller was quite persistent and called her back several times.”

The Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities (DPU) will never require a specific type of payment such as Zelle and doesn’t allow customers to pay directly to a bank account unless they are enrolled in autopay. If you are ever unsure if a call is truly from DPU, simply hang up and call the Customer Care Center at 505.662.8333.