Who You Are Matters

Los Alamos

In the 2022 elections, 60% of America has election deniers running for office. And, we, here in Los Alamos have 3 Republicans running who will not state that Biden fairly won the 2020 Presidential election nor acknowledge there was an insurrection at the Capitol on 1/6/21. All 8 Council candidates were directly asked, but the 3 Republicans did not feel it was important to answer those questions. For us, it is the most important information to know who they are as people. It tells us if they are able to understand facts to make decisions or if they can be duped to believe a lie. These people hoping to make decisions for us, do not believe the facts, despite over 60 dismissed lawsuits, and hundreds of hours of testimony from Republicans detailing the preplanning of 1/6  in nearly 20 hours of televised hearings. Can we trust those who do not accept facts to make rational decisions for us?

 Although unnecessary per New Mexico law, Catherine Taylor is an attorney and a Magistrate Judge candidate. We wholeheartedly support her. She has demonstrated her commitment to Los Alamos working with Teen Court and students at LAHS. Her signs follow the Judicial Code of Ethics to have a treasurer who does not share contributors with her, while her opponent has only recently changed from being his own treasurer thus knowing who contributed to him.(Campaign Committees 21-404) We, of course, do not know if he accepts Biden’s election. Isn’t it about who follows laws when we choose a judge? 

We also support Theresa Cull, Melanee Hand, Suzie Havemann, and Randall Ryti who immediately responded to the email from Hanson and Skolnik that Biden was elected president and there was an insurrection at the Capitol. Elections are about choosing people who have the values of integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, and the ability to understand facts – the qualities most important in political leaders.

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. …. it’s important to stop expecting them to be something other than who they are.”- Maya Angelou