Chamisa Elementary School Glow Tunnel Delights Students And Community Monday

The Glow Tunnel at Chamisa Elementary School was open to the community Monday evening. The project, which was coordinated by Chamisa art teacher Andrea Lynch, incorporates the work of Chamisa art students. Lynch’s last last glow project. ‘A Bug’s Life’ may be seen here: or see story at Photo by Joanne Kuzuchowski

Another view of the Chamisa Elementary School Glow Tunnel Monday evening. Photo by Joanne Kozuchowski

Two cats in a hot air balloon basket is part of the Chamisa Tunnel Glow. Photo by JoAnne Kozuchowski

The artwork in the Chamisa Glow Tunnel is three-dimensional as can be seen here. Photo by Joanna Kozuchowski

Lots of flowers, critters and skulls in the Chamisa Glow Tunnel. Photo by Joanne Kozuchowski