Chamber To Celebrate Grand Re-Opening Of High Mountain Wellbeing


Los Alamos business Yoga with Jacci is now  High Mountain Wellbeing. High Mountain Wellbeing Grand Re-opening will be  Friday, November 4, 5:00 – 6:00 P.M. Ribbon cutting at 5:00 P.M at 190 Central  Park Square, Suite 212. Light refreshments will be provided. 

After 22 years, owner Jacci Gruninger is offering more than just yoga. In addition  to her yoga classes, she has expanded her businesses to provide services in  Thai yoga massage, focus coaching, and assisted stretch sessions. Gruninger’s  journey began as a wellness specialist. With a master’s in health science,  Gruninger ran wellness programs for both The George Washington University  and Arlington County Government and worked with individuals to develop  personal wellness plans. She then spent a few years in yoga practice before  training in Thai yoga massage and yoga therapy. In the last two years, she has  completed a certification in Focus Coaching, Gentle Somatic Yoga and  Facilitated Stretching. She is now ready to expand her practice and invite  anyone interested in whole body wellbeing to check out her offerings. 

“The name change also supports my longer vision of working with other wellness  practitioners in Los Alamos to offer community members easier access to  enhancing their health and wellbeing,” owner Jacci Gruninger states. 

Here is a little more information about her new offerings: 

Focus Coaching: 

Focus Coaching (Inner Relationship Focusing/IRF) is a gentle somatic practice  that allows you to connect to your body’s wisdom with non-judgemental  awareness. It involves going inside to explore and inquire for answers that you  may not find by thinking alone. IRF emphasizes being in relationship with all  parts of yourself, even the parts that feel uncomfortable, unacceptable,  overwhelming, in conflict or disliked. These parts are often hidden or buried,  which inhibits our ability to move forward in our lives. Together, we will slowly  connect to the various parts of you through the use of guided inquiry, imagery  and visualization. Movement, breathwork and meditation may also be part of the  process. Acknowledging and being with what shows up can lead to  transformation, healing of trauma, resolution of past difficulties or other difficult  mental, physical, emotional and spiritual issues. Focusing work asks you to learn  to be with your sensations and feelings. It is a process of being present with something that is asking for your attention. During a Focusing Session you learn  to lean into what you are feeling with interested curiosity. 

Stre-tch Sessions: 

Stre-tch Sessions at High Mountain Wellbeing include both PNF (proprioceptive  neuromuscular facilitation) and Gentle Somatic Yoga. PNF or Facilitated  Stretching is a form of assisted stretching used to improve joint mobility and  physical performance. PNF involves two different types of stretching – passive  stretching and isometric stretching. Passive stretching is when a muscle group  (say hamstrings) is moved into a position and you hold the position for a period of  time. Isometric stretching is when the muscle contracts (is active) but doesn’t  lengthen or shorten. Gentle Somatic Yoga (GSY) involves loading and unloading  the muscles without strain or pain in order to reset muscle length, self-correct  stress-based movement patterns, and change neural pathways to enhance body  movement. GSY is useful for unwinding stiffness, pain and postural imbalances  in the body and improving flexibility through brain-to-muscle re-education. 

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