Barranca Helpers Promote Unity Day At Barranca Mesa Elementary School

Barranca Helpers pose for a fun photo Wednesday during their observance of Unity Day. Courtesy photo

Barranca Helpers along with counselor Alyssa Romero and teacher Nicole McGrane promoted the anti-bullying message Wednesday at Barranca Mesa Elementary School. Courtesy photo

Barranca Mesa Elementary School

Barranca Helpers promoted Unity Day at Barranca Mesa Elementary School Wednesday, October 19.  They worked with the school counselor, Alyssa Romero to coordinate activities and promote the anti-bullying message.  This is a continuation of topics introduced with the “Start With Hello Week” in September.  The goal is to keep kindness, inclusion, and acceptance in the forefront of everyone’s mind to build a community where bullying does not exist. 

Ms. Romero provided teachers with resources and discussion ideas to use during the week.  The helpers made a chain message on the fence at the front of the school, created bulletin boards, and posted Unity Day flyers around the school.  They also made an announcement to the school on Tuesday reminding everyone to wear orange to school on Wednesday to support Unity Day.  First thing, Wednesday morning, helpers delivered orange paper bracelets to every classroom so that all students would have something orange to wear.  Staff who said they didn’t have anything orange were given Unity Day bracelets, too.  The Helpers wanted to do everything possible to ensure that everyone could participate and feel like they were part of the day. 

This year’s group of Helpers really want to help the school community grow together in support and inclusion.  They know it makes a difference and want to be a part of the change.  We continue to be grateful for the support of Los Alamos JJAB who has been a long time supporter of our program.