Endorsement For Tim Bullock For Magistrate Judge

Los Alamos

Dear Editor:   

At last, we have an extraordinary candidate willing to take on the important and serious job of Magistrate Judge for Los Alamos.  I met him in person recently, and was impressed with his deep respect for law and order, as well as his vast experience as a trial and appellate lawyer.  He was sincere, knowledgeable, and personable.  I am very concerned about crime in Los Alamos, especially the recent report of shoplifting at Smith’s Marketplace.  We need a Magistrate Judge who will be impartial, fair, but hold individuals accountable for their wrongdoings.   Tim Bullock is licensed in three states, including New Mexico, and has served both as a prosecutor and as a defense lawyer.   For someone who will swear to uphold the Constitution and the Laws of the State of New Mexico, I believe that we need a Magistrate Judge who is licensed and actively practicing law in New Mexico.  This job has the potential to change people’s lives and future, and his opponent’s Teen Court experience is inadequate.  We need real, hands-on experience of a practicing attorney.   Tim Bullock will serve our community with integrity, honor, and dignity.  Please join me in voting for Tim Bullock for Magistrate Judge.