Randall Ryti Exemplifies What Is Needed In A True Community Leader

Former Los Alamos County Councilor

In my opinion Randall Ryti, or Randy as many know him, exemplifies what is needed in a true community leader, and I fully support him for another term as a County Councilor. 

Former County Councilor Antonio Maggiore described Randy as omnipresent. One might run into Randy at local clubs, meeting with constituents or at fundraisers on the same day. Randy truly goes out of his way to be there for his community. 

I got to know Randy while campaigning with him in 2018, and serving with him on Council until 2021. Over that time, I got to see how great Randy’s character was first hand. He is always ready and willing to sit and listen to anyone’s concerns. Even if it is to complain about a course of action he supported, or didn’t support. 

When Randy casts a vote, you can tell he has taken into account not only his own experience, but also what the community is saying. In fact, Randy is the only councilor I know of who not only reads what is being said on Facebook and other social media platforms, but factors it into account in his decision. 

Despite our age difference, Randy always treated me as an equal when we served as Chair and Vice Chair, and actively sought out my advice on many different issues. Although we did not see eye to eye on issues like the 20th Street LEDA (on which he was only one of 2 votes to make the right call), I always know Randy came to his decision after much consideration and discussion. 

So, Randall Ryti is your leader if you are looking for a leader who is experienced, will listen to your concerns, fully weigh an issue, challenge experts on their analyses, and be willing to cast a tough vote.

I fully support Randall Ryti for the Los Alamos County Council, and I hope you will join me.