Please Vote For Gary Stradling For County Council

Submitted :
Terry Marzili
Barb Pigot 
Joel & Helen Dahlby 
Rick Mooday 
David Reagor 
Lisa Shin
Ninfa Whitney 
H.J. Shepard
Bryan Fearey & Maureen Connolly
Gene & Jan McCall 
David Gartz 
Robert Forsyth
Kenneth Shelley
Bill & Jennifer McKerley 
Robert Nolen
Dianne Coane 
George & Roberta Idzorek
Mike & Sharla Dempsey
Catherine Walters 
Russell & Marion Pack 
Robert Travis 
James & Carolyn Shipley 
Wendy Kreutz Clayton 
Robert Gibson
Gary & Donna MacDonald
Hugh Roper 
Bob & Carmen Gill
James & Susan Bergauer
Tom Tierney

Dear Editor: 

We have an opportunity to elect new leadership in our county government and ask you to join us in voting for Gary Stradling. We share his vision for a local government that is transparent, fiscally responsible, and responsive to residents in our community. He aims to help overcome the historical limitations that have prevented robust business and housing options. 

He believes that county government should better plan, cultivate, encourage, and facilitate local business development. We appreciate his desire to enrich and invigorate our community through more varied housing, sufficient to the need across all income levels, including our senior citizens. We want a local government that serves its citizens, not rules over them. 

We are confident that Gary Stradling will champion fair and respectful treatment of all citizens, regardless of differences in opinions and convictions. Many of the problems facing our community are a direct result of poor leadership and it is time for change. 

After a successful career, including community service here in Los Alamos and in Washington DC, Gary and his wife Rebecca, who are parents to 9 accomplished adults, have retired here. It is clear that he truly loves Los Alamos and is ready to serve. We are proud to support his candidacy for our County Council.