Encouraging Los Alamos County Residents To Consider Supporting Randall Ryti For County Council

White Rock

Los Alamos County Residents –

I am writing this letter to encourage you to consider supporting Randall Ryti in his run to continue his contribution to the County Council. I have known Randy for 29 years. During this tenure, we have been business partners, professional colleagues, golfing buddies and close friends. In my experience I have known Randy to be honest, hardworking, and diligent. He conducts his affairs with integrity and grace. He listens and he is contemplative. I have observed these traits throughout his work on the council and in his private life. I will be supporting Randy this November and I encourage you to access his record and his positions. I am confident you will agree that Randy is an excellent contributor to the success of the County as it moves forward during these challenging times. 

John McCann