Childhood Should Be Sacred And Spared From Adult Themes

Los Alamos

Childhood should be sacred and spared from adult themes.  Yet here, in Los Alamos, there is a complete disregard and outright assault against the preservation of childhood innocence.  Our Mesa Public Library is outright putting adult sexual themes on intentional display for minors.

I took pictures of a book on display in the children’s section called, “If You’re a Drag Queen and You Know It” as well as pride bookmarks.  There is ZERO reason to openly accost all children in this manner.  It is indefensible.  It is not an appropriate display for minors. 

I am calling on our taxpayer funded library to respect the innocence of all children and the families that want to shield little eyes from adult sexual themes. The library should be a safe space for children.  Please stop the intentional open display of sexual themes to all children.  Get your act together. Trendy does not make it acceptable.  Thank you.