Barranca Helpers Promote ‘Start With Hello’ Program

Barranca Helpers at Barranca Mesa Elementary School and their staff leader Nicole McGrane stand next to the pledge tree they created from ‘Start With Hello pledge hands signed by staff and students. Courtesy photo

Barranca Helpers Staff Leader
Barrance Mesa Elementary School

Barranca Helper Program kicked off the school year by promoting “Start With Hello Week”, September 19 – 23.  When the students heard about this program, they immediately wanted to be a part of it.   The idea is that no one should go through the day without someone saying “Hello” to them.  Unfortunately, this happens more often than you would think.  The Barranca Helpers hope to change that and make sure that everyone at Barranca feels seen and welcome.

Together the Helpers decided to spread the word through a variety of avenues.  They made bulletin boards, talked to classes, and promoted a “Start With Hello” spirit week.  They also modeled what it looks like to be inclusive, welcoming, and to start each interaction with “Hello”.  By the end of the week they had passed out 500 Hello stickers and provided an opportunity for staff and students to sign a “Start With Hello” pledge hand which was used to make a community pledge tree display.  

Everyone deserves to be seen and the Barranca Helpers understands how important this is.  They want to thank everyone at Barranca who participated and joined the week’s activities. It is their hope that everyone continues to “Start with Hello” throughout the school year.  It is their belief that recognizing people, acknowledging them, and being kind should not be something done one week a year but all year long. 

Los Alamos JJAB has supported the Barranca Helpers for many years and we continue to be grateful for their support as well.  Without them, we would not be able to accomplish all that we do for our students, school, and community.