Response to Valerie Fox’s Letter to the Editor

Los Alamos

In her recent letter Valerie Fox claimed that Joe Biden said half the country is a threat to democracy.

Having listened to Biden’s speech I can share with Ms. Fox that is not what he said.

Biden said Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans were a threat to the country. Note that Republicans represent about 30 percent of voters in the country (similar to the number who identify as Democrats; Independents are the majority), and MAGA Republicans are a subset of the Republican party.

Estimates of MAGA Republicans, based on various polls of political beliefs associated with the MAGA philosophy, put their overall number at 10 to 15 percent of the voting population.

I applaud Ms. Fox for her independent thinking regarding Donald Trump. I encourage her to apply the same independent analysis to what Biden said in his speech and not just repeat talking points uttered by politicians on conservative news channels.

John Gustafson