Painting Half The Country With A Broad Stroke Is The Real Threat To Democracy

Los Alamos

I am writing in opposition to Biden’s notion that half of the country that voted for Trump is somehow a threat to democracy.  Before I delve further, I am going to leave a few jaws dropping.

As a 31-year Republican, I NEVER voted for Trump or Biden or Hillary.  I begged family not to vote for Trump because I felt he was a liability.  I fully support the DOJ’s investigation into former President Trump. On January 6th, I posted on Facebook that the attack on the Capitol was a coup.  Shocked yet?

That being said, I do not view the half of the country that supported the message they heard from Trump as a threat to democracy.  They, like many before them, believed in a message for the betterment of our country.  The politician turned out to be deceitful.  No big surprise there.  That has been going on since the early beginnings of politics.  It does not make the voters, many of my friends and family, bad people.  They simply put their trust in somebody I decided not to support.

There have been a few bad actors responsible for heinous acts within the party, and those people are a threat, but that does not represent every voter.  Biden painting half of the country with a broad stroke is the real threat to democracy.  He is pitting everyone against one another and people are playing right into his hands.  This crap is politics 101.  Don’t fall for it.  I believe we will have better options in 2024.