In Support Of ‘Enough Is Enough” And A Shout Out To Aaron Walker, Too

Los Alamos

In his recent letter, Richard Skolnik, as ever, hits the nail on the head, and doesn’t mince words. (See

(Transparency, accountability, and responsible behavior? Surely you’re joking, Mr. Skolnik!)

I noticed one omission, perhaps deliberate in the interest of keeping the message succinct.

The second bullet list is not entirely parallel with the first, omitting a comment on the responsible use of consultants. This is a can of worms that somehow needs to be addressed. Mr. Skolnik identifies one symptom of the problem, hiring consultants and largely ignoring their findings.

I will highlight two more: 

  • hiring woefully incompetent consultants (recall the inappropriate photos and ridiculous (actually puerile) survey regarding the county nuisance code),
  • hiring a series of consultants until one gives the answer county council wants to hear in the first place (recall the replacement of the municipal building).

One shouldn’t need reminding that these practices, beyond creating smoke screens and providing illusions of due diligence, cost significant taxpayer money.

A sincere shout out to Aaron Walker, too. (See

 At least some of our citizens (probably most of them, but not normally publicly vocal), and even some of our county council members, have their heads screwed on straight.

Descending into very base humor, maybe I should get in on the graft and start my own company, Klown Konsultants LLC. (Gotta hide behind that LLC, isn’t that the current way in these parts? 

I wouldn’t want to be personally liable for Klown Konsultants Krappy Kounsel ™!) The county does seek to patronize local businesses, right? Roll a few hundred grand my way–I can pontificate almost credibly on anything!