Let’s Be Better Neighbors: Stop Vandalizing

Los Alamos

I’ve lived in Los Alamos for almost 20 years. Fourteen of those years I lived in North Community, and for almost five years I’ve lived on Barranca Mesa, on the main road through the neighborhood. In these 20 years we’ve put signs out for mostly Republicans, for some Libertarians and yes, even the rare Democrat, but never once have had trouble. I’ve loved the fact that my neighbors across the street, who are committed Democrats, have invited my kids over to pick fruit off of their trees and that we call and check on each other when the power has gone out. We see each other as neighbors, not as political adversaries.

Historically, as a community,  we have let our neighbors have their opinions and beliefs without tearing each other apart. Up until the last few years people in Los Alamos have been able to get along with their neighbors who have different political leanings, which is one of the best things about our community.  I have always been willing to talk to people about the things I believe, and why I believe them, and I have also tried to be patient as people with views different than mine have expressed their views.

So, I was beyond disappointed to find that my “Ronchetti for Governor” sign was slashed this morning and my “Stradling for Council” sign had been dumped over. I don’t know which of my neighbors felt the need to do this, but I am truly sorry for this person.  If you feel this much rage over a yard sign, next time come and knock on my door and let’s talk it out, or just keep walking.

If you find yourself being stirred up to anger on social media, take a break. Bellyaching on Facbook has never gotten anyone, anywhere. The media is in this for the hyperbole and chaos, they want us to be angry and to do harmful things to each other. I encourage everyone to get out of your house and go meet and talk to your neighbors. Find out why they have that sign in their yard.  Talk to them about who they support for the County Council and why. I bet you’ll find that in many cases you both want the same things for Los Alamos, and even the state of New Mexico.

Let’s do better Los Alamos and be better neighbors. 

Finally, to my neighbor, my door is open, please come by and let’s talk next time.

Photos submitted with letter to the editor by Joyce Anderson