LAHS 2016 Alumnus To Lead Free ‘Forget Algebra’ Professional Development And Adulting Workshop


Los Alamos High School (LAHS) 2016 alumnus and D.C.-based cybersecurity professional  Nate Delgado is returning to his hometown this spring to host a free financial literacy  and professional development workshop aimed at helping graduating seniors and other  students from Los Alamos and Pojoaque Valley high schools. The free “Forget Algebra”  workshop, sponsored by Del Norte Credit Union and taking place at projectY cowork,  will be held 10-11:30 a.m. Saturday, Sept 24. 

Delgado returns to New Mexico to share his passion for helping students apply strategy  to their careers. He emphasizes “adulting” topics he feels are often missing from  traditional high school curriculums: 

• Resume writing for the modern workplace 

• Analytical approaches to landing your dream job 

• Critical personal finance skills 

“Young adults face an economy where even the best prepared encounter an uphill  battle accessing the basics of the American Dream,” said Delgado, who has a bachelor’s  degree in Economics from the University of Southern California. “I’m equipping our  youth with the tools to embark on their careers with confidence and a path towards  financial security.” 

“Forget Algebra” is Delgado’s platform for passing along proven tips and tricks picked up  in his own career to the next generation. Delgado has previously visited LAHS classes to  speak on these topics. His energizing and interactive presentation style makes seemingly  boring topics fun and engaging. After a session last spring, students walked up to an AP  English teacher asking her for copies of Delgado’s slides. “That never happens,” she said  in recognition of the impression made by his presentation. 

Today, his project aligns with the mission of the Del Norte LOV Foundation, an  independent foundation associated with Del Norte Credit Union (DNCU), to improve  lives of youth and families in New Mexico. DNCU and the Del Norte LOV Foundation  have partnered with a platform called Banzai on digital content that helps kids, teens,  and young adults dive into financial topics in clear and relatable lessons. The Banzai  content use real-life scenarios to demonstrate the power of good financial planning. For  more information on Banzai, visit https://projectylosalamos

For more information about Forget Algebra,  visit

To register for this free event, visit for a  ticket. Space is limited and participants must have a ticket to attend. For questions, contact Jeremy Smith at