LAPS Announces Precautionary Shut Down Of District Network Due To External Attack Monday Evening

Los Alamos Public Schools

A portion of our IT services suffered an external attack yesterday evening. As a safety precaution to prevent any further security breaches, our IT department shut down our Los Alamos Public Schools network. Fortunately, most of our critical systems are cloud-based and are operational such as email, PowerSchool and access to curriculum. Students, staff and parents will be able to access those systems from their home network, but not from our campuses or offices until we have determined information security for all. We do not know when our IT systems will be fully operational and will keep everyone informed. We are working with a team of experts who are skilled with cyber-attacks for next steps.

As of this writing, I’m pleased to announce that we will continue with school starting this Wednesday, Aug. 10.  Buses will continue with planned routes to pick up and drop off our students. Student Chromebooks will not work at school, but will be useable at home. High school registration and textbook pickup will be postponed; however, freshman orientation is proceeding as planned. Elementary School “Meet the Teacher” is going forward on Tuesday, Aug. 9 at 2:30 PM. LAMS’ 7th grade orientation is occurring as scheduled.  All prescheduled afterschool sports and activities will go forward.

All of our security systems are live in case of fire or other emergencies. I’m asking LAPS staff to monitor hallways during student passing times to ensure our students are safe and can access any adult on campus for assistance. Our school administrators are poised to communicate with their staff and school communities for any specific information. Our phone lines remain open at all sites and offices in case you have any questions or concerns.

Parents, be aware of our school zones and buses as we start the school year. We have construction on Diamond Road as well as the Piñon roads which will require a bit more patience from all of us.

I am closely monitoring this situation and will continue to provide updates. I am confident this inconvenience is temporary and will work hard to get back to 100% safely.

Thank you in advance for your good spirits as we start the 2022-2023 school year.