Keep Our Forests Standing For All

Los Alamos

Fires, floods, drought, heat, wind, insects, thinning– all have taken a toll and caused the loss of thousands of trees in the County in recent years. And the things that go with them: shade, homes for wildlife, understory vegetation and soils, biodiversity, erosion and wind control, carbon storage and so much more.

Yet the County is proposing to level 4.5 acres of healthy forest and kill 135 trees in order to expand the driving range of the Golf Course (see for details.) Less destructive options exist (and have been recommended by golfers and consultants), including not expanding the range at all, using restricted-flight balls or putting up higher netting. All of the expansion options involve tree removal, but the LA Golf Association’s preferred option would destroy the largest area and all it contains. Planting trees elsewhere, while a worthwhile thing to do regardless, in no way replaces this mature forest.

Los Alamos residents love our natural open spaces and forests! They belong to all of us. Now is not the time to be tearing them up for use by any special interest group. If you are concerned about this issue please let your voice be heard at the Thursday, Aug 11 Parks and Recreation Board meeting (5:30 pm in Council Chambers and by Zoom: and/or by sending comments to and  Because once it’s gone, it’s gone…