Comment On Interview With Public Works Director Juan Rael

Transit rider, bicyclist, and walker
Transportation Board Member

Thank you for publishing your conversation with Juan Rael.

A solution to the traffic situation during work and school commute times that was not mentioned in your article is Atomic City Transit.

Los Alamos has a great bus system during regular work days, with routes that run in all neighborhoods throughout the day.

Schedules and maps can be found at, There is even a bus-tracking app if you have a SmartPhone.

Atomic City Transit buses are equipped with bike racks. The fun trolley-type bus circulates regularly between downtown and the Transit Center located on the edge of the Lab complex.

The problem for commuters into LANL is that public transit buses are barred from operating within the Lab complex. I have heard that LANL is working on their own internal transit system that would be designed to connect not just with Atomic City Transit, but with the RTD and Park and Ride buses coming in from outside of Los Alamos County. Maybe these several months with one of our major arterials being closed will help push LANL to get its internal transit in place.

Meanwhile, as Mr. Rael indicated, consider car pooling, walking, and bicycling to school and work. Or ride the clean, quiet, and safe, Atomic City Transit buses.