County: Tree Trimming To Start Up Thursday North Mesa And Barranca Mesa


Tree trimming coordinated by the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) is set to start up again on Thursday. Residents on North Mesa and Barranca Mesa may see Southwest Fire Defense & Tree Services professionals mitigating hazards and power outages by trimming tree branches growing around power lines. 

Southwest Fire Defense & Tree Services is under contract with the Electric Distribution Division of the DPU. Department staff are responsible for identifying branches that need attention and will attempt to give residents advance notice via informational door hangers if tree trimmers need to enter their yards. Trees are trimmed only if they are in the right-of-way or on utility easements for power lines. 

The tree trimming effort reduces the number and scope of power outages by removing branches and trees that are either too close to power lines or pose a risk of falling on power lines. This initiative, coupled with an aggressive operation and maintenance program, supports DPU’s Electric Reliability Plan. 

It is important to note that not all lines above houses in Los Alamos and White Rock are electric power lines. The tree trimming effort focuses only on branches growing into power lines, not other types of cables that may be strung between poles.