Los Alamos Faith & Science Forum Presents ‘The Hologenome Theory Of Evolution’ By Dr. Glenn Magelssen Wednesday, July 20

Local astrophysicist Glenn Magelssen will speak on the Hologenome Theory of Evolution Wednesday for the Los Alamos Faith & Science Forum. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos Faith & Science Forum

The Hologenome Theory of Evolution postulates that one must include not only the host (what we see when we look at another human) but also all that human’s microbiome (all of the bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.) when considering the evolution of humans. We will present information about how the microbiome is affected by age, diet, activity, health, etc. and how bacteria play an important and vital role in the human body. We will discuss how some of the microbiome is passed from one generation to the next and how bacteria and viruses may have played a vital role in the evolution of humans.

Glenn Magelssen has a PhD in AstroGeophysics from the University of Colorado. His scientific research has included solar physics, laser and ion beam fusion, neural nets, code development and stockpile stewardship. His scientific work is well documented. He has studied theology most of his life and taken a four-year course called EFM from the University of the South on Old and New Testament, Christian history and Christian Theology.

He is a Stephan minister, a member of Bethlehem Lutheran Church and on the Self Help board. He has given Faith and Science talks on cosmology, genetics, evolution, near death experiences and the history of vaccines. He has been influenced by many authors including C. S. Lewis, Joseph Sitler, Walter Wangerin, Richard Feynman, John Steinbeck, Clarence Jordan and Paul Tournier. 

Join us in person this Wednesday, July 20, in Kelly Hall at 3900 Trinity Dr. or via Zoom at   https://tinyurl.com/GodCosmos

Lecture at 6:30 p.m. Free dinner at 6:00 p.m!

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