Los Alamos Fire Marshal Issues Information On Prohibited And Permissible Fireworks


While the Los Alamos Fire Department’s Fire Marshal lifted all fire restrictions in the county on June 23 thanks to monsoonal weather patterns, the use of fireworks of all kinds presents serious potential ignition of unwanted fires. Therefore, this July 4, the Fire Marshal’s office has put together a list of prohibited and permissible fireworks in accordance with the Los Alamos County Council-adopted proclamation, which limits certain fireworks.  

Los Alamos County Councilors renewed the proclamation to limit the sale and use of fireworks at its June 14 meeting due to increased fire danger. According to the National Weather Service and the U.S. Drought Monitor website, drought conditions for Los Alamos County as of June 30 are severe to extreme, despite the recent rainfall. 

Per the proclamation, the sale or use of aerial and ground audible devices are prohibited on all lands, public and private, within the County until July 14, 2022. These include:

  • Aerial shell kit-reloadable tubes
  • Aerial spinners, 
  • Helicopters,
  • Mines,
  • Missile-type rockets,
  • Multiple tube devices, 
  • Roman candles type (able to shoot balls of flame 50-60+ feet in the air),
  • Shells, 
  • Stick-type rockets, and
  • Chasers.  

The proclamation further states the use of ground and hand-held sparkling devices are permitted if used within an area that is 400 square feet of paved space or space that is completely barren of vegetation and the ground or hand-held sparking device is used at least five feet from the perimeter. Additionally, there must be an operable hose or similar device able to provide water at a rate of at least four gallons per minute for a continuous period of ten minutes. Permitted fireworks used under these conditions include: 

  • Cone fountains, 
  • Crackling devices,
  • Cylindrical fountains,
  • Flitter sparklers, 
  • Ground spinners,
  • Illuminating torches/static (non-flame shooting type),
  • Roman candles, 
  • Toy smoke devices, and 
  • Wheels.

Officials with the Fire Marshal’s office remind the community to exercise caution when using permissible fireworks, especially around small children. Also, be mindful that fireworks-related noises often scare pets (such as dogs and horses). No fireworks are permitted within open space, parks, campsites, horse stables and other recreational areas and lands owned by the County.

To report inappropriate use or illegal fireworks, contact the Los Alamos Police Department at the non-emergency phone number: (505) 662-8222.  Call the Los Alamos Fire Department’s Fire Marshal at (505) 662-8301 or visit the website at https://lacnm.com/LAFD-FireMarshal for more information. 

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