House Republicans Respond To PED Announcement On Restorative Justice Initiative For New Mexico Schools


The New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) recently announced a new initiative aimed at dealing with school suspensions and expulsions. PED plans to introduce restorative justice programming into New Mexico schools.

House Republicans raised concerns Thursday about the true intent of the PED’s plans. Given the rise in behavioral issues across our state as a direct result of Governor Lujan Grisham’s mandatory lockdowns, House Republican Whip Rod Montoya (Farmington) questions what we can expect within our schools by not directly addressing problematic behaviors and holding individuals accountable for their actions.

“You cannot hide from the violence permeating our communities.” said Montota. “Local communities are dealing with the problems created by Santa Fe policies that are weak on accountability. PED’s initiative would issue the same ‘No Consequences’ policy in the classroom that has proven to be detrimental to criminal justice. Democrat policies that keep violent offenders free on bail have led to record breaking violent crime across the state- should we prepare ourselves for similar results in our schools?”

Rep. Montoya contends that the removal of serious consequences, in favor of an approach that limits educators’ handling of classroom disruptions, will foster an environment in which consequences for actions are not taken seriously.

Rep. Montoya continued, “PED should be focusing on improving New Mexico’s poor educational performance, which declined even further during the governor’s instituted COVID lockdowns. Eliminating consequences for unacceptable behavior will not make our schools safer. Removing consequences for bad behavior will almost certainly produce the same results we are seeing in our criminal justice system.”