Tewa Women United Presents Herbal Medicine Workshop Series


Tewa Women United offers this four-workshop series as an invitation to come together to learn how to take care of ourselves with herbal medicine while understanding the need to give back to the herbs and their systems of living. As we face ongoing challenges to our health from COVID-19, smoke from wildfires, and changes to our environment seasonally, this traditional knowledge is more important than ever.

The series begins this Monday, June 20, with Chasity Salvador presenting a workshop on respiratory health.

Chasity will teach us how to make a medicinal tea for respiratory health. We will learn about the different herbs that help build lung capacity, which herbs dry the lungs, and which herbs moisten the lungs. We will learn the intricacies of our unique body’s constituency, the energetics of lung health and illness, and how to take care of our lungs during wildfires. We will also learn how to make a gumweed (Grindelia) syrup/honey that has aided Chasity in her Long COVID-19 recovery.

Workshops take place at 5 p.m. (Mountain Time), and will be held both online and in-person for a limited number of people at our Española office.

These workshops are freely offered. If you wish to make a donation to support the work of Tewa Women United, you are welcome to do so. For more information, go to https://tewawomenunited.org/