County Issues Aquatic Center Updates From Project Management Team


Officials with the Los Alamos County Public Works Department realize that there have been several press releases regarding the Aquatic Center and Leisure Lagoon projects. In response to resident inquiries about why the Olympic and Therapy pools were closed again and why the Leisure Lagoon is not yet open, the Department issued additional communication to provide more detailed information. 

Olympic and Therapy Pools

According to Project Manager Wayne Kohlrust the May 23-27 planned closure to install new motors and variable frequency drives (VFD) that run the motors and pumps was extended several days for testing and troubleshooting understand why the water distribution system was shutting down. The good news is the Olympic and Therapy pools are back open as of this morning, June 3rd with a temporary fix. He warns that the guarded news is the VFDs are reading motor voltage, amperage, and hertz that are higher than actual tests taken and causing an automatic shutdown of the system. When there are insufficient water flows, the pools must be closed for health and safety reasons. This issue needs a permanent fix and the pool VFD specialists are being scheduled for another diagnostic and troubleshooting session. Kohlrust explains that the hope is not to close the pool for future calibration and corrective efforts, but it is possible another closure will be required and if so, every effort will be made to minimize the duration of the closure. 

Leisure Lagoon

The Leisure Lagoon is the new addition to the existing Aquatic Center that started construction in early 2021. Although most of the construction is completed, Kohlrust indicated that the worldwide shortage of computer chips, that is also affecting the automotive industry, is impacting the availability of those needed for the water and filtration equipment. He said discussions with the contractor and efforts to find alternative solutions and obtain shipping commitments are ongoing and updates will be provided when there is more information.  

For more information, questions or concerns, please call or email the Public Works Department at (505)662-8150 or