La Mesa Mobile Home Park Travesty

Los Alamos

I voice my support for the residents at La Mesa Mobile Home Park in their fight against a corporate landlord who cares only about the money.  They have already done the best thing by gathering together to look toward the legal violations that the new requirements may impose.  Forming an organization takes work, but it means strength in legal battles.

Restrictions on pets, children, and cleaning homes sound dictatorial.  Our town should not be about the corporations making money, but instead about the people.  Unfortunately, our county government is enamored with the large corporations and pays more attention to large construction projects than they do to the actual needs of the citizens who live and work here. 

Perhaps the County Council will prove me wrong. I look forward to hearing our Councilors’ responses and plans of action to protect the rights of all Los Alamos residents to enjoy their homes and to check the power of corporations who want to dominate residential areas for the sake of profit. Our town needs its dedicated residents, the ones who stay and contribute so much. Council talk about affordable housing has never solved the real issues that people here face when it comes to finding a place to live, and this is one more giant example.  I am glad this was made public, and I will watch for updates on the situation.