County In Need Of Personnel Board Members


Los Alamos County is still accepting applications for eligible candidates to be appointed immediately to complete the terms of three vacant seats on the Personnel Board. Interested Los Alamos residents who do not hold public office and who are not employed by the county government may submit an online application by visiting the County’s Boards and Commissions webpage and selecting Personnel and then selecting “apply.” Applications will be accepted now until the vacancies are filled.  

The Personnel Board, comprising five members, serves in an appellate and advisory capacity in the administration of the personnel program for the County of Los Alamos per Section 306.2, Article III of the Charter for the Incorporated County of Los Alamos. The Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month for in-person meetings at 11:30 a.m. at the Municipal Building, 1000 Central Ave., Los Alamos, NM, with online meetings held via Zoom. Once appointed by Council, members serve staggered three-year terms and may be eligible for up to three terms. 

Duties and responsibilities include advising Council and the County Manager on personnel issues, reviewing, and commenting when requested on County-wide employee surveys, personnel rules, salary plans and various employee personnel programs. Most recently, the Personnel Board played a crucial role in adding two additional paid holidays for County employees: Junteenth and Indigenous Peoples Day.  

Board members may also be asked to provide citizen input on improving the County’s personnel programs. Additionally, the Personnel Board serves in an appellate capacity, hearing appeals regarding disciplinary actions taken against regular County employees.  

“Los Alamos County employees contribute greatly to the fine quality of life the community enjoys,” stated Board member Bernadine Goldman.  “It is very rewarding to ensure through my service on the County Personnel Board that these County employees will continue to benefit from a supportive and professional work environment.” 

If you have an interest in Human Resource matters, or would like to keep updated on County staffing and other items related to HR, this is the perfect Board to be a part of! 

More information on the Personnel Board can be found on the County’s Boards and Commissions webpage or by contacting Los Alamos County Human Resources Manager Mary Tapia at (505)662-8089.