Los Alamos Phi Beta Kappa 2022 Scholarships Awarded

Jason Pieck/Courtesy photo

Dana Roelofs/Courtesy photo


The Los Alamos Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa is pleased to announce $2000 scholarship awards to Jason Pieck and Dana Roelofs, 2022 graduates of Los Alamos High School. Pieck will be studying at the University of California-Davis, and Roelofs has been accepted as a pre-global studies major at the University of California-Los Angeles.

Phi Beta Kappa is a society based on college campuses throughout the country that was founded in 1776 to honor excellence in the arts and sciences. The Los Alamos Phi Beta Kappa Chapter has been awarding scholarships to members of each Los Alamos High School graduating class since 1957, supported by generous donations from local Phi Beta Kappa members. Members who would like to contribute to future scholarships or participate in chapter activities should contact Joyce Guzik (joyceannguzik@gmail.com), Eric Chisolm (eric.chisolm@gmail.com), or Robert Chrien (bchrien@gmail.com).