Mary Snow Is Top Predictor In First Pace Race Of Atomic City Road Runners 48th Season

Scene from prior Atomic City Road Runners pace race. Courtesy photo

Atomic City Road Runners

Mary Snow had a 58 second difference off her predicted time for best prediction in the first race held to open the 48th season of the Atomic City Road Runners Club held on the Canyon Rim Trail.  Other accurate predictors were:  Laura McClellan at 102 seconds off; Mark Bjorklund recording a 136 second difference; Lynn Bjorklund with a 167 second differential as well a the best female finisher on the 3 mile course with a time of 26:08; and Nathan Gibson at 172 seconds off.

On the 1 mile course 11 year old Levi Gibson was the top finisher recording a 5:30 and the first female finisher was 12 year old Anna Ferenbaugh at 6:30.

Travis Gibson was the best finisher in the 3 mile distance with a time of 17:46.

It was later determined that the both the 1 mile and 3 mile courses were somewhat shorter in length than originally stated.

Next week’s run will be on held Tuesday, April 12 at 6:00 p.m. on the Pollution Control Plant access road at the bottom of Bayo Canyon with entrance by taking a left at the bottom of Main Hill Road (State Route # 502) headed Eastbound just before the State Route 4 junction heading to White Rock.

For more information call (1)505-672-1639 or visit the Club’s Web site at: