County’s Community Services Department To Launch Community Survey


The Los Alamos County Community Services Department (CSD) has been working with professional consulting companies to assist in the development of an Integrated Community Services Master Plan that will also incorporate the ADA Transition Plan. CSD will be sending a postcard to each household in Los Alamos County, inviting residents to partake in the statistically valid Community Survey. This survey was developed with multiple focus groups which consisted of over 200 people within the community. 

Postcards soliciting citizen feedback are scheduled to be mailed to residents the week of April 11. Each postcard will contain a QR code, website address, and unique identifier that will enable only Los Alamos County residents to complete the approximately 10 minute survey, in order to achieve a statistically valid sample. The unique identifier allows for one response per household. 

Beginning in May, the community survey will open up to anyone who wishes to submit their feedback. CSD encourages all users of County facilities including local youth, commuters, and business to participate in the survey, when it becomes available. The survey is currently scheduled to close mid-May. 

For those who wish to complete a paper survey, they will be available for pick-up and drop-off at the Los Alamos and White Rock Public Libraries and Senior Centers. Please bring your postcard with the unique identifier to pick up a paper survey. Each location also has staff available to help individuals complete the survey via paper or online. 

This community survey is being conducted by a 3rd party organization in partnership with Los Alamos County. All responses will be confidential and no personal identifying information will be shared with Los Alamos County. 

The survey results will help CSD staff identify and assess existing programs, services, facilities, gaps, and look at future needs, and then integrate these findings into an actionable plan among the key areas of parks, cultural services, social services, recreation, open space, trails, and the library. The desire is to produce a 7-10-year road map to systematically invest, improve programs and services, establish best practices, prioritize needs of the community to continuously improve the department, divisions, and quality of life in Los Alamos County. 

Questions or concerns can be directed to Cory Styron the Community Services Department, at (505) 662-8242 or email at