Los Alamos Middle School Celebrates Pi Day With Some Pirates Of The Caribbean Fun

Los Alamos Middle School Principal Suzanne Lynne and Vice Principal Andy Ainsworth get into the Pirates of the Caribbean March 14 during Pi Day activities at the school. Courtesy photo

LAMS Middle School Principal Suzanne Lynne, with sword, with Los Alamos Schools Credit Union staff on Pi Day, March 14. Courtesy photo

Lots of smiles during Pi Day March 14 at Los Alamos Middle School. Courtesy photo

On of the activities stations in the LAMS gym for the celebration of Pi Day. Courtesy photo

Lots of fun and Pi Day math games in the Los Alamos Middle School gym with a Pirates of the Caribbean theme. Courtesy photo

PTO Vice President
Los Alamos Middle School

On Monday, March 14 in celebration of Pi Day, the Los Alamos Middle School gym was transformed.  The 7th and 8th grade students of LAMS were treated to a Pirates of the Caribbean extravaganza that consisted of 14 stations equipped with math problems related to Pi, and many prizes and treats were given out for their efforts.  This was the first major event that the students were able to partake in since the school shut down on March 13, 2020 due to the pandemic.   

It was evident everyone was ready for some long, overdue fun as school staff and volunteers watched students solve Pi problems, pose for pictures, and walk around happily from station to station with smiling faces carrying the loot they had earned!  Pi Day was an overwhelming success largely in part to the coming together of many people throughout LAPS and the community.  

There are many, many organizations and people that contributed monetary donations, time, supplies, resources and past experience that we would like to thank.  First, a  BIG thank you to Los Alamos Schools Credit Union and Kiwanis Club for your HUGE generosity.  We truly appreciate all you did!

Another big thanks goes to PTO Secretary and LAMS Special Education teacher Jill Gross, Dr. Sharon Fogle, and her assistant Kaela Jacobsen who graciously offered their time, resources and past experience.  It helped us tremendously with bringing the Pi Day experience to life. 

Lastly, we would like to thank Principal Lynn and Vice Principal Aimsworth as well as LAMS teachers, Parent Volunteers and Custodial Staff who helped us with the organization and implementation of Pi Day, and worked with us closely to ensure the day ran smoothly.  Many other thanks goes to Connie Goettee, Kati Steinberg, Elena J. Perez, Yeamans Machine Shop, PTO Officers and LAMS parent and student volunteers, and community volunteers. It took a great deal of help from many volunteers to make Pi Day such a special and successful occasion for kids and adults alike.  

The LAMS PTO is proud to now be a part of the long standing tradition of Pi Day that we hope to help continue for years to come.  If you would like more information on how you can help Los Alamos Middle School, please contact the PTO at losalamosmiddleschoolpto@gmail.com