Rotary Club Offers $1,000 Scholarship For 2022 Graduating Senior Wishing To Study A Craft, Trade Or Visual Art


The Rotary Club of Los Alamos is offering a scholarship for a 2022 graduating senior or recent graduate of Los Alamos High School who wishes to study a craft, trade or visual art. 

Called the Rotary Vocational Award, the $1,000 scholarship is offered for the first  year of vocational education after high school graduation to support students who will pursue careers and apprenticeships in the crafts, trades or visual arts. One or more scholarships will be awarded.

The award is based on the merits of the student’s plans and commitment to vocational studies;and on two recommendations submitted along with the application.  

To apply for the scholarship, complete the LAHS Local Scholarship Application Form. Write a letter describing your background, motivation and plans for pursuing your chosen vocation. Be sure to include the area of specialty and school or schools you are considering. Supply the names and phone number of two references who would be willing to provide verbal or written recommendations. 

The application may be mailed to:

Rotary Vocational Award ℅ Philip Dabney
3500 Trinity Drive, Suite B-4
Los Alamos, NM 87544

You may submit all documents electronically as PDF attachments to 

Deadline for the application is April 1, 2022