24-Hour Emergency Veterinary Care Now Available In Algodones


Pet owners in Los Alamos have lamented for some time that there is no 24-hour veterinary emergency care available any closer than Albuquerque. While there are two popular clinics open daily during the week, Albuquerque seems like worlds away when there is a sick pet that needs urgent attention.

Roadrunner Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital is now providing 24-hour emergency care at 5 Camino Karsten in Algodones, which is 72 miles from Los Alamos south of Santa Fe.

“We would love to have a heads up for your arrival but it’s not mandatory. We treat critical or unstable animals first. The waiting time varies from zero time to five hours and weekends are busier than during the week, so be prepared,” said Gaby Hefty, a Roadrunner CSR.

For more information, call (505) 384-6420 or email info@roadrunnerveter.com. Examinations are $125.