Senate Republican Leadership Issues Statement On Election Security, Call Of Senate On SB 8


Today, the Senate Republican Leadership Office released the following statement through their spokesman, Joaquín Romero, regarding election security and the Call of the Senate on Senate Bill 8:

“Election integrity and security are of the utmost importance to New Mexicans of every political persuasion. In response to recent reports that faith in our elections is faltering, Senate Republicans engaged in a bipartisan, good faith effort to make meaningful reforms to our Election Code. Senate Bill 6, co-sponsored by Democrats and Republicans, was the outcome of this effort. Meanwhile, Senate Democrats rallied behind the Governor’s radical election bill, Senate Bill 8, that among others things would allow for more ballot harvesting boxes, felon voting upon release, and third-party voter registration.”

“On February 3, Senate Bill 6 passed the Senate unanimously with a 39-0 vote. Eleven days later, that bill is still being held in a House committee with no commitment that it will advance any further. Senate Republicans directly communicated to the Senate Majority Leader several days ago that if the bipartisan Senate Bill 6 did not advance in the House, the Call would not be lifted on Senate Bill 8. We are now sharing with the public what Democratic leaders in the Senate and House have known for days—pass the bipartisan Senate Bill 6, and the Call will be lifted on Senate Bill 8.”