Cumbres Del Norte And Canyon Road Reconstruction

Los Allamos County Transportation Board Chair

Road reconstruction in the Cumbres Del Norte subdivision and along Canyon Road from the High School to about Oppenheimer were the hot topics at Thursday’s Transportation Board meeting . Public participation was far higher than normal levels, with a great deal of valuable input.

Some Cumbres residents were concerned about the ability to meet the schedule, but staff thought it likely to get done on time because there isn’t any utility work required. The complications that arise from the additional scheduling are often the culprit when things run behind.

Though it’s clear the roads will be completely redone, which they need, how much will be done on the sidewalks is not as clear. Residents were concerned about their condition and discontinuous nature, with crosswalks and other adjustments suggested. There may be some flexibility in the budget to make sure the concrete work gets brought up to par.

Also mentioned was overspeed driving at the southeast corner, where apparently there have been some accidents.

Though the public meeting is over, there is still time to make comments on this issue. See the contact information at the end.

On Canyon Road, the issues are simpler. The road, much of the concrete work, and drainage will be reconstructed. The biggest concern there was access during construction, which will require some schedule coordination with the Pool, Churches and PEEC.

Because of inevitable constrictions at times, there probably will be some backups on Canyon at the busiest parts of the day. There are hopefully enough mitigations in the proposed contract and schedules to keep this to a minimum. One of the main goals is to have most of the work done while the high school is not in session. Nevertheless, there are scheduling concerns in this area too, perhaps more strongly warranted.

Finally, there was strong discussion of excessive speed on the downhill section, as well as the areas where crews have been working. Speed limit changes were suggested.

In other news, we have a new Council Liaison, Sara Scott. Also, Micheal Dolejsi and I have been approved for another two years on the board.

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