LAMS Administration Notifies Students And Family Of School’s Entry Into 10-Day Temporary Remote Learning

BY SUZANNE LYNNE, Principal and
ANDY AINSWORTH, Asst. Principal

I’m writing to report that LAMS has reached a point where 5% of our school population (students & staff) have tested positive for COVID within the past 14 days. (Click here to see a chart of the 14 day case count). Under the current NMPED guidance, a school must enter Temporary Remote Learning for 10 CALENDAR days when the positivity rate reaches 5%. This rule applies on a school-by-school basis, and the threshold has been reached only at LAHS/TFA and LAMS. At this time, all other schools in the district will continue in-person learning.

LAMS will enter Temporary Remote Learning on Friday, January 14, 2022, extending through Sunday, January 23, 2022. All in person classes, activities, practices, and games must be held remotely, be rescheduled, or be canceled during this window. The plan is to return to regular in-person school on Monday, January 24.

Here’s a summary of the logistics for this transition:

LAMS will continue to use our normal daily A/B calendar and our normal class schedule. Temporary remote learning summary:

  • Classes follow the regular LAMS Bell Schedule with 5 minute passing periods between classes, 90 minute block periods, and start and end times remaining the same as our normal schedule.
  • Teachers will plan lessons that use the beginning of the class period for direct instruction (students should be on time). The remainder of the period will be used as small group meetings, independent learning / student work time, one-on-one meetings with teachers, etc.
  • Breaks will be given so our students are not on the computer all day. We are trying to keep the schedule consistent as there will only be five days in remote learning.
  • All teachers will take attendance in PowerSchool for each class period. Please contact the LAMS Absence Line if your child is absent (663-2376).
  • This will give students in self-isolation the opportunity to attend class with their teachers and peers.
  • If your child is already in self-isolation or quarantine and needs materials, please come to the front office to pick them up.
  • If your child needs access to their locker during remote learning, please have them come to the front office and let us know they are here.
  • Please contact 663-2375 if you have any questions.

This will be a temporary foray into remote learning, and keeping the same schedule helps make sure that everyone’s lives (students, staff) continue functioning on a schedule that will allow quick and seamless transition back to in-person learning. With remote learning happening on a school-by-school basis, it also allows the staff we share with other sites, to adhere to the same bell schedule so they can still meet their responsibilities at those sites.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Suzanne at or Andy at with the subject line remote learning questions.

With warm regards,
Suzanne and Andy