LAPS Interim Supt. Jennifer Guy Sends Message To Parents And Students On Eve Of Return To School

Interim Superintendent
Los Alamos Public Schools

Welcome back to the 2022 semester!

Tomorrow, we will begin the second semester in person at all school sites. We take the current situation with covid very seriously and are monitoring case counts and absences closely. We remain committed to student and staff emotional and physical safety.

Thank you to the 234 staff and students who came for covid testing today. Out of 234 tests, we had 12 positive cases (10 students and 2 staff members). All positive cases will be required to quarantine for 10 days before returning to school. We will continue to offer covid testing to all LAPS staff and students on Monday – Friday from 8:00 – 11:30 at 2075 Trinity Dr in Suite S (Follow the covid signs). You can register your child at Each family only has to register one time and then can use the same code every time you come for testing.

I also want to thank our parents for the transparency you have shown and your willingness to report positive cases in your home. This is critical for us to keep our students and staff safe and schools open. If anyone in your household tests positive, please notify your school nurse. If your child is sick, please keep them at home. All absences will be excused.

Principals and school staff have been working to ensure that we have good plans in place to follow all covid protocols. Schools will follow enhanced safety measures including limiting non-essential visitors, providing adequate spacing at lunch, limiting large gatherings, and ensuring that students and staff are masking appropriately. You can review re-entry plans on our website.

I am sharing some frequent questions that I have received below:

Will the school move to remote instruction? LAPS is committed to providing in person instruction for students as long as we can safely do so. We will follow safety plans and state guidelines to help make sure we can keep schools open. We know that most children learn best when they can be in school. We monitor cases and attendance daily. If we have 5% of a school population test positive for Covid in a 14 day period, we will move that school to remote instruction for 10 days. We will reassess the number of cases at the end of that time frame. If cases have decreased to below 5% then the students will return to in person learning. If cases remain high, students will stay in a remote model for 10 more days and then we will assess the data.

Can I pick my student up for lunch? Yes, please work with your child’s principal and teacher on a plan.

Can I move my child to online instruction?

We will continue to make accommodations as needed for any health concerns. You will need to contact your school principal to discuss options.

Are sports going to continue? Yes, we will continue to follow NMAA and NMPED guidelines for all sports and activities. If there are changes to the guidelines, we will notify parents right away. Currently masking is required indoors for all sports and activities.

I understand that each family has different comfort levels and needs regarding covid. I am committed to keeping our community and schools safe and to provide consistent learning opportunities for students. The best way for the schools to support your family’s needs and answer concerns is through good communication with the school. Please reach out to your principal, teacher, or school counselor with any questions and concerns you have. We will continue to do our best to be as transparent as possible and keep you informed. You can always contact me as well.

Have a great day tomorrow!

Jennifer Guy

Interim Superintendent

Los Alamos Public Schools