County Invites Interested Members Of The Public To Join Pueblo Canyon Trail Conceptual Plan Focus Groups


Los Alamos County Community Services Department (CSD) is  working with Design Office, a professional consulting service to provide a conceptual design and  layout for new and renovated trails in Pueblo Canyon. As part of this process, CSD has formed  several focus groups for citizens and user groups of these trails to provide their thoughts and  input to help develop and prioritize conceptual designs for projects that will be shared with Los  Alamos County Council for funding considerations.  

The desire is to look at concepts of a long multi-use trail approximately seven miles, two or three  loops of the main trail to allow for National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) events  and a multi-use corridor trail connecting North Mesa to Downtown, across Pueblo Canyon. The  concept will also look at the possibility of a Mountain Bike (MTB) skills park in the canyon.  

Los Alamos County recognizes the value of the trails for both residents and visitors. Trails  provide the ability to engage with nature and are quality of life elements highly desired in our  community. The Community Services Department would like to invite interested members of the  public to join a focus group session on Wednesday, Jan. 12 at 6:00 p.m. via Zoom. If  you are interested in participating, please email Linda Lindstrom, or  call (505) 709-7197 to confirm a spot for the focus group.