County: Tree Trimming Is Starting Up Again In Los Alamos And White Rock


To mitigate hazards and power outages caused by tree branches  growing around power lines, the Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities has begun a new  round of tree trimming in Los Alamos and White Rock.  

Tree trimming professionals under contract with DPU’s Electric Distribution Division are trimming and removing potentially hazardous branches and trees throughout the County. DPU  staff will attempt to give residents advance notice via informational door hangers if tree trimmers need to enter their yards. Trees are trimmed only if they are in the right-of-way or utility  easements for power lines. 

The tree trimming effort reduces the number and scope of power outages by removing branches  and trees that are either too close to power lines or pose a risk of falling on power lines. This  initiative, coupled with an aggressive operation and maintenance program, supports DPU’s  Electric Reliability Plan. 

Anyone who sees tree branches interfering with power lines should contact the Customer Care  Center at 505-662-8333 or DPU crews will investigate and address  the situation as necessary.