County: Atomic City Transit To Resume Peak Service Jan. 3, 2022


Atomic City Transit will resume peak service for Routes 1  (Downtown) and Route 6 (North Mesa), beginning Monday, Jan 3.   This will provide Route 6 with 30- minute service and Route 1 with 15- minute service.  

Route 2 Peak Service will not be available until further notice and all other services will remain the same.  

Atomic City Transit continues to maintain employee and passenger safety by complying with public health recommendations.  In accordance with the current Governor’s Executive Order as well as federal mask mandates:

  • Passengers and operators are required to wear face coverings to board and ride the bus

Atomic City Transit staff continue to follow measures to further enhance public health safety as service is expanded:  

  • Hand sanitizer is available on all vehicles for both customers and staff
  • All transit vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to being put into daily service, as well as disinfection of high-touch areas between trips, throughout the day

For specific route information, visit