Los Alamos Federation Of School Employees Celebrates Pay Increase For Classified Educational Employees


Los Alamos Federation of School Employees (LAFSE) Union Co-Presidents, Christine Engelbrecht and Trey Pereyra released the following statement Thursday: 

“Los Alamos Federation of School Employees is pleased to announce the approval of a minimum $15/hour wage for all Los Alamos Public Schools employees. On the evening of Tuesday, December 14, Board President Melanie Colgan, Vice-President Ellen Specter, Secretary Christine Bernstein, Board Member Steven Boerigter, and Board Member Erin Green unanimously voted to ratify the district’s agreement with the union. 

“LAFSE is proud to have partnered and collaborated with the first public school district in New Mexico to make a move towards a $15.00 per hour minimum wage. We believe this is a big step forward for our district in recognizing the importance of keeping pace with rising wages across the country, retaining existing employees in an increasingly competitive environment, and attracting new workers for entry level positions. This will set a standard in workforce payment practices that other districts will look toward. Interim Superintendent Guy and the Business Office pioneered delivering these increases. We thank them for their hard work and shared dedication to the staff and continued support of our Union. 

“We believe this early collaboration with the district signals beneficial changes for employees agreed upon in our upcoming, annual contract negotiations. We have faith that the district and the union can collaborate on further ideas to help Los Alamos Public Schools employees feel recognized, respected, and valued.”